YPC Data Services

Business Listings
Think of a Business Listing as an advertising avenue that drives additional business on the web. Your business listing allows you to display specific information about your company including business hours, website, email, products and services. When a prospect customer searches the website they will be able to view related information about your business. This will both improve your website’s search engine ranking as well as get your company listed across the Internet.

Direct Mailing Lists
The success or failure of any direct mailing product relies heavily on the quality of the mailing list. You can have the best prices in the market and top of the line products but, if you’re not getting them in front of the correct audience, your efforts will fail completely. YPC Data will ensure to meet all your direct mail and email list needs.

Email Lists
A mailing list is a list of people who subscribe to a mailing distribution on a particular subject. Mailing listings on the Internet include people’s e-mail addresses rather than their postal address. Recently, Email lists have become a more popular way for businesses of reach their clients.

Sales Leads
A sales lead is identified as a person of authority that has an interest in purchasing a product or service. This is what starts the first step of the sales process. YPC Data can provide you with this quality data that will get you that foot in the door you need to close that big deal.

Lead Generation
Lead generation is the practice of seeking information from potential clients. Since the increased growth of the Internet, many businesses have turned from outside sales to telemarketing. YPC Data can provide you with the quantity and quality leads you sales team is looking for.